Taste the difference

With these 4 simple reasons it's easy to see why Guy's BBQ Sauce is the only BBQ sauce you need. Taste: Guy's BBQ Sauce has a special blend of spices that enhances the natural flavor of anything that it is used on, making it the most unique BBQ sauce on the market. Performance: When you combine the unique taste of Guy's BBQ Sauce, enhanced with our blend of spices, you are able to get the maximum amount of flavor with a minimum amount of sauce. Texture: Guy's BBQ Sauce has just the right consistency, not too thick and not too thin, allowing you not only to enjoy the flavor of the sauce, but also the natural flavor of whatever item you are using it on. Cost Savings: With the excellent performance of Guy's BBQ Sauce, it gives you the maximum amount of flavor, with a minimum amount of sauce, making your sauce last twice as long, giving you the maximum amount of return for your money. Uses: With the excellent flavor enhancing quality of Guy's BBQ Sauce, there is no limit to its uses. If your mind can conceive it, Guy's BBQ Sauce can achieve it!

All of our Award Winning BBQ Sauces are GLUTEN FREE

Finally, a sugar free BBQ sauce that will please even the most opinionated palate! A BBQ sauce that has the same great taste as Guy’s Award Winning BBQ Sauce. It is truly one of a kind. If it didn’t say sugar free one the bottle you wouldn’t know that it was sugar free in the bottle!! Thousands have enjoyed Guy’s mouthwatering BBQs all over the country—his legendary braised meats, poultry and fish cooked with bursts of flavor, vegetables and side dishes of baked beans and chili, always included Guy’s family BBQ sauce. This coveted recipe eventually gained award winning status.
Year after year, Guy’s Award Winning BBQ Sauce retains its unique distinction with the perfect blend of natural ingredients and imported spices—no assembly required, no more doctoring up the sauce.
Over the years food and flavors change, diets change. Guy responds to customer demands through his new product line of Sugar Free and always Gluten Free BBQ sauces, offering food markets the best choices that reflect:

  • All natural ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • Sugar free
  • Gluten free
  • Trans fat free
  • Low sodium

Guy’s keeps the customer motivated to trust every delivery with satisfaction and consistency. We thank you for your attention given to Guy’s products. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and discuss programs and most importantly, give you a chance to taste our delicious sauce for yourself!