• Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    Guy’s Sugar Free BBQ Sauce is the greatest!! I have been on Weight Watchers since 2003 and once I discovered Guy’s sugar-free BBQ sauce, I was hooked. I love BBQ sauce however, it is so high in sugar that I would not eat it anymore once I was on Weight Watchers. When I found the sugar free sauce, it was part of my daily meal preparation. I use it on chicken, pork and all my meats, but I discovered it is delicious on a baked potato too!! I have raved about this sauce to all my friends and family and they too love it! It has made a world of difference for my meals which would have been “blah” tasting without it. I have tried every flavor and each one is delicious and the best part of all is that it is ZERO points. I recommend this product to anyone watching their weight or even watching their sugar intake. It is delicious even if you don’t watch anything at all!!! My thanks to Guy for working so hard to come up with this tasty sauce for all to enjoy!

    Diana Swaynigm
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    I am so happy to have found this barbecue sauce. I had given up hope of ever finding a sugar free sauce that actually tasted good. I was actually having to make my own (sort of) version as we eat barbecue sauce all the time, not just in the Summer. My husband and I are both trying to live a low-carb lifestyle. I have tried two types so far but will be trying them all. The original and the smoky garlic have been amazing. Please keep making this wonderful sauce and selling it on Netrition.

    Eileen in Virginia
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    This is the GREATEST BBQ sauce ever created for low-carb eating. It honestly is hard to tell if even POSSIBLE to tell that it isn’t a regular high-carb sauce. Every other low-carb BBQ sauce I’ve ever tried is just garbage, inedible. Every flavor of this that I’ve tried is excellent which is all but the bacon or garlic – both of which I’ll be purchasing today. I STRONGLY recommend it. I think this sauce (and a few other products) are the only things that make low-carb eating bearable! Do a rack of ribs with this stuff AND some BBQ baked black soybeans and you’ve really got something to look forward to.

    John in Florida
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    We love this stuff! It may be sugar free and low carb, but it’s a very good BBQ sauce. We bought the spicy, smokey bacon, original, and smokey garlic, and they are all good. The spicy has a little more spice than original, but if you want something really spicy, maybe the Hot would be better. We will continue to order this for years to come! We are diabetics on a low-carb diet, and it is nice to have BBQ sauce back on the table.

    Kathy in Utah
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    I ordered the Hot, Smokey Garlic, and their new Smokey Bacon. I’ve tried all three and just cooked some chicken with the Smokey Bacon, even my non-LC boyfriend LOVED the sauce. He really loved the fact that it’s sugar-free even though he’s not on keto because sugar is just not good anyway! I had been wanting to buy these sauces for MONTHS and I’m so glad that I bought three. I will definitely always have one of these in my fridge.

    Paulina in Missouri
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    A full flavored bbq sauce! I chose the hot version. It’s very good but I think they went overboard on the sucralose, and thus, it has a bit of that artificial sweetener aftertaste. I suggest spreading it thinly on your favorite meats.

    Leon in Montana
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    Hi all, I’ve previously reviewed this – very good sauce – but I wanted to add this comment for diabetics (I am type 2 doing a low-carb diet) that I do not see a blood rise from this at all, and do not see it cause any disruption in my ongoing weight loss. I know everybody responds differently to different products, but wanted to mention this as I use this sauce regularly – particularly on chicken – and it’s created more variety in food and made adhering to a low-carb diet much easier. I’m ordering some of the other flavors now to try.

    Michael in Tennessee
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    After forty years of being in the business and tasting and cooking several different barbecue sauces, Guy’s barbecue sauces are by far the best barbecue sauce I have ever tasted! Just recently, my mother was diagnosed with stage 2 diabetes and when the representative of Guy’s Barbecue Sauce contacted me about the Sugar Free Barbecue Sauce, I was ecstatic. Needless to say, every time my mother now eats chicken, turkey burgers, lean ground beef, pork products etc., we are now putting Guy’s Barbecue Sauces on her table. From the Original to the Smokey Garlic to the Spicy, sugar free is for me and my mother. Thanks again Guy’s Barbecue Sauce.

    White House Chef Guy Mitchell
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    Not perfect, but the best alternative I have found. I do believe that since Kraft stopped making their low-carb BBQ sauce, I have tried nearly everything out there. This is not as good as the Kraft (which I consider the gold standard I am searching for) nor even as good as my homemade, but it is a worthwhile product that has a place in any low-carb kitchen. Depending on where you grew up, you may like sauce of different persuasions (sweeter, more vinegar-ey, hotter, etc.) and obviously one sauce will not be perfect for everyone, but I suggest it as a starting point to which you can add whatever you like better (sugar or vinegar or more heat) to improve it a bit, but it is fine right out of the bottle. Given all the alternative sauces I have tried and tossed in the garbage, I am quite pleased to have found this one and I will definitely order more-possibly the other flavors as well.

    Edith in Georgia
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    It was a little too sweet for me right out of the bottle, but cut with some mustard, it was good. It had the BBQ spice flavor and the consistency was right on with other BBQ sauces. I would rate it a 3.5 out of 5 but my teens (one of whom isn’t watching his carbs) absolutely loved it, so I bumped it to 4. I also like the fact that the calorie count is a little smaller than regular BBQ sauces also, so it is a repeat buy. I just have to add a little something to mine to cut some of the sweetness.

    Shannon in Kentucky
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    This BBQ sauce is delicious, so don’t be fooled by the “4-star” rating. I love BBQ sauce, and am frustrated by the lack of tasty BBQ sauces available to low-carbers. But, this one hits the spot! It’s flavorful, great texture, no “artificial” aftertaste like some other BBQ sauces (ahem, Walden Farms).

    Terry in Utah
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    This sauce is awesome. It is bursting with flavor, yet void of sugar calories and fat. I don’t know how they do it. It tastes so good, I could almost drink it out of a cup. I make wonderful pizza with this product. I put sauce on BBQ chicken, thin sliced onions and cilantro. Wow. I don’t know how you could go wrong with this. It does not raise my blood sugar. Buy this now!

    Victoria in Nevada
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    I always liked a real sweet sauce, but since I started low carb, there is not many sauces you can use. This stuff is great. It is a vinegar-based sauce and I love it.

    Brian in Arkansas
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    I have tried a lot of low-carb BBQ sauce and we really love the smokey garlic flavor. I try to always keep one on hand. We occasionally order out “naked ribs” or “naked chicken” from our local BBQ restaurant and use this as the sauce. Yum! Of course it is also great for grilling.

    Deborah in Michigan
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    Forget low carb, no sugar, bla bla bla. The smokey garlic is by far THE BEST BBQ SAUCE I HAVE EVER HAD!! I could drink this stuff straight from the bottle. I am finding it really difficult to not put this on EVERY SINGLE meal. I only bought one bottle, but next time, I might as well buy a case. This BBQ sauce is great!!!

    Eric in California
  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    Best low calorie, no sugar added bbq sauce I have found so far. It’s thick and a great taste. When your dieting and trying to get a lot of meat down in a day this is a life saver.

    - Amazon Customer 1/4/19

    This stuff is just delicious!! Tastes like the real thing. I made pulled chicken with this in the slower cooker, added just a little liquid smoke, and the flavor is out of this world! I just re-ordered.

    - Amazon Customer 12/18/18

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  • Newton Falls BBQ Caterers Testimonials

    We’ve tried the original flavor. My husband likes it, but I felt it was a little too sweet. I’m going to try the spicy and see if it’s tastier for me.

    - Gail 1/2/19

    This is the best barbecue sauce I have ever found, without or with sugar. I have been using it for years.

    - Joan 12/27/18

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